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My Presentations

My Projects

  • Perl CPAN module for Bio-robotics, Robotics and Robotics::Tecan
  • Digital Microfluidics using Electrowetting-on-Dielectric (EWOD)
  • HVPS for Systems Biology: A Low Cost, High Voltage Power Supply with Schematics + Board Layout
    • I have designed this high voltage, low current power supply for various experiments in systems & synthetic biology. I have cleaned up the design and I am placing the schematic and board layout online (see link). This circuit outputs up to +1,866VDC at under 1 mA or can be tapped at various points for +622VDC or +933VDC. This is useful for either DIY Biology or institutional research experiments.
  • io9 Mad Science: Ketonalizer, 2008
    • A bacteria-based system for analyzing the metabolic state of "ketosis" in a person's body — this is the state where the body starts burning fat and turning it into energy. Ketosis is induced by the Atkins diet as well as caloric restriction. Cline proposes to make a system that you could breathe on, and measure your current state of ketosis. Currently vaporware

Contributions to Others' Projects