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Output Measurement Kit (for inverters, terminators, etc) Using GFP

<BBpart> T9002</BBpart>

  • F2620 has Mfe/BB prefix tails
  • Ligated into 3K3 and did correct transformation into DB3.1
  • Waiting on seq verification
  • E0240 has been PCR'ed with tails, looks the right size
  • Digested E0240 S/N to ligate into F2620
  • Will ligate into the correctly seq'ed F2620 colony


Promoter Tester with GFP

<BBpart> E0240</BBpart>

  • Part is built
  • PCRed with Mfe1 and Spe1 tails
  • Successfully ligated into 3K3 - Sequence verifies that it's scarred 7/19
  • Inserted a BB site between plasmid and RBS
  • Made both E/S and E/X versions
  • Has a 1bp mutation around 700
  • Did mutagenesis and got a good number of colonies
  • EX version has been confirmed correct - 8/9
  • Made overnights to seq more ES colonies


Promoter tester with RFP

<BBpart> I2057</BBpart>

  • Part is built (sequence verified)
  • PCR-ed with Mfe1 and Nsi1
  • Ligated in 3K3 (seq verified scarred) - 7/19 chose colony #4
  • Inserted a BB site b/t plasmid and RBS
  • Created both E/X and E/S versions
  • E/S sealed w/ Not1 is seq verified - 8/6
  • E/X sealed w/ Not1 is seq verified - 8/6 and 8/10

Ligated J116, J100, and R0040 into EX version from PCR

  • R0040 in both EX and ES versions is perfect - 8/9


RBS tester with GFP

<BBpart> I2055</BBpart>

  • Built and scarred - 7/31 and 8/2
  • Inserted a BB site b/t Promoter and GFP
  • Made both E/X and S/X forms
  • Sealed both EX and SX with Not1 - waiting on seq
  • Inserted B0034 and B0032 into both EX and SX versions of PCR (and hopefully prep), also B0030, B0031 into SX PCR
  • I2055-SX-B0031 is seq verified 8/9


RBS tester with RFP

<BBpart> I2056</BBpart>

  • Formerly called blue
  • Built and scarred - 8/6, 8/10
  • Inserted a BB site b/t promoter and RFP
  • Created both E/X and S/X
  • Sealed both SX (verified 8/14) and EX (8/14 and 8/15)
  • Putting in B0034 and B0032 into both EX and SX versions