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Constructing an output measurement kit derived from <BBpart> T9002</BBpart> consisting of

  • an inducible promoter <BBpart> F2620</BBpart> which produces POPs in the presence of AHL
  • a Biobrick site
  • The ribosome binding site <BBpart> B0032</BBpart>
  • The Green Fluorescent Protein <BBpart> E0040</BBpart>
  • The terminator <BBpart> B0015</BBpart>

Assisting in the construction of

  • Promoter tester derived from <BBpart> E0240</BBpart>
  • RBS tester derived from <BBpart> I2055</BBpart>

Building devices containing RFP <BBpart> E1011</BBpart> and LacZ <BBpart> I0054</BBpart>

  • Similar to <BBpart> E0240</BBpart> containing <BBpart> B0032</BBpart> and <BBpart> J04650</BBpart>
  • Similar to <BBpart> I2055</BBpart> containing <BBpart> R0040</BBpart> and <BBpart> J04650</BBpart>



F2620________E X P1010 S P________E0040

Should be on both 3K3 and 1AK3


  • Version 1 (E/S)
    • ___E CCDB S___RBS GFP T
    • Cut promoter E/S and insert
    • Can take part back out if necessary
  • Version 2
    • ___E CCDB X___E0240
    • Cut Promoter E/S to insert
    • Forms mixed site so can't remove, real conditions
  • Both versions should be on both 3K3 and 1AK3
  • I2057 is the exact same but w/ RFP (both versions)


  • Versions 1 (E/X)
    • __R0040___E CCDB X____GFP T
    • To insert RBS cut E/S, forms a mixed Spe/Xba site
    • Has too big spacing (full BB prefix) b/t promoter and RBS
    • Easier for testers to use
  • Version 2 (S/X)
    • __R0040___S CCDB X____GFP T
    • Will get 2 spe/xba mixed sites, can't get RBS out
    • Cut RBS X/S, ligate w/ Spe1 and Xba1 restriction enzymes to ensure proper orientation
    • Real condition spacing
  • Both versions should be on both 3K3 and 1AK3
  • Theoretically I2056 should be the same w/ RFP