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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Jennifer A. Jorguson
  • Jennifer A. Teeples
  • OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
  • 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
  • Mailcode: CR145
  • Portland, OR 97201
  • Email Me: [mailto:]
  • Phone #: 503 494-8382

I work in the Administration Office at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

David Yoon is a graduate student from OSU who will be mentoring this year’s OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs CURE program students. We are excited to work with him on such an amazing program. Please feel free to contact him if you have direct questions about the students or this year’s curriculum.


  • BS, Advertising Management, Portland State University
  • Expected, BS, Marketing, Portland State University

Research interests

  1. The Continuing Umbrella of Research Education Internship (CURE)
  2. Cancer Prevention & Control
  3. # Seminars
  4. # Updates


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