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  • To complete the sol-gel synthesis begun last week
  • To begin new synthesis without BSA


  1. Completing synthesis
    1. 4 mL of water were added to the round bottom that had stirred for 24 hrs
    2. The resulting solution was transferred to a larger round-bottom flask (MASS:70.898 g)
    3. The reaction continued for 15 minutes before drying on the rotovap (MASS of Dry Sample & flask:____)
    4. Once dry, the residue was rehydrated by the addition of minimal DI Water
  1. Beginning new synthesis (JCS 15)
    1. 5 ml of water and 5 ml of the 5 mM Mercury (II) Nitrate solution from 1/28/2015 were added together in a round bottom flask
    2. 2 drops of 1M Sodium hydroxide were added for an ultimate pH of ~11
    3. The mixture will be left to spin at room temperature overnight.


The round bottom took approximately two hours to dry, however there was still condensation on the neck of the round bottom so it has been left to dry completely. Tomorrow I will take a mass measurement before attempting rehydration.