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Determine the molar absorptivity of adenosine and inosine.


Creating Stock Solutions

  1. Massed a .0817 gram sample of adenosine and a .1261 g sample of inosine
  2. Placed both samples into separate 100 mL volumetric flasks
  3. Filled the volumetric flasks to the indicated line with distilled water
  4. The concentration of the adenosine stock solution was determined to be 3.06 mM
  5. The concentration of the inosine stock solution was determined to be 4.70 mM

Creating Dilutions

  1. The amount of stock solution required was determined using an equation derived from M1V1=M2V2 formula: Amt. of Stock Sol.= [10 mL(desired dilution concentration)/(stock solution concentration)]
  2. A sample from the stock solution was pipetted into a clean 10 mL volumetric flask.
  3. Distilled water was added up to the indicated line of the volumetric flask to yield a 10 mL solution.
  4. This process was repeated for each dilution using a clean volumetric flask.
  • 09.03.2013.cmj.dilutions.png

Data Collection

  1. An absoprtion spectrum of a cuvette filled with distilled water was collected
  2. 1 mL samples of a dilution were pippetted into a clean cuvette
  3. The cuvette was placed in the UV-Vis instrument and analyzed
  4. The cuvette was rinsed 3x with distilled water, and the process was repeated


  • CHEM571 cmj 09.04.13 UVVis Adenosine 1.png
  • CHEM571 cmj 09.04.13 Calibration Adenosine 1.png


  • There was not enough time for all lab groups to complete their UV-Vis spectra collection, thus only data for Adenosine was collected on this day.
  • The stock solutions and dilutions were stored for use on the next day.