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About Me

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  • Hi, my name is Jake Sadle, and I work at the Breast Cancer Immunology research lab at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). I thoroughly enjoy working under Dr. Devon Webster, and her chief lab manager and research associate extraordinaire, Zach Wilde. In short, the lab focuses on breast cancer research, and is currently looking into learning more about the breast cancer stem-cell, and the effects and presence of G-CSF in breast cancer cells. The lab is a synergistic mix of fun coupled with new research and discovery. It's a great job!


  • Seeing as I am but a lowly research volunteer at the lab, and am going to be a sophomore at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs NY, my degrees and merits end with this period.

Research interests

  1. Cancer stem cells: their concentrations, their behavior, and what makes them unique in the body.
  2. G-CSF, and its effect on cancerous breast tissue cells.
  3. Long horseback rides on the warm and dusky beach?

Skills I am working on

  • Pipetting up and down with equal force and a gentle twist to elicit the last drop
  • Remembering not to pour the cells out with the supernatant
  • Being more sarcastic and saying Western-type slogans to impress Dr. Webster
  • Impressing Alana, my quite intelligent yet witty summer lab partner-in-crime

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