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  • Synthesize AuNPs with varying concentrations of HAuCl4
  • Refine the protocol for creating polymer films


  1. AuNP Synthesis
    1. The protocol for AuNP synthesis can be found here.
    2. For the second batch of AuNPs the HAuCl4
  2. Polymer Films
    1. The dry mix was made of PEO and Trifilate
    2. Initially it was heated at 60°C
      • It was expected to begin melting around 30 minutes. After an hour of nothing occurring the temperature was increased to 120°C and it began to compress and get sticky
    3. The mixture was packed into a mold and run through the hot press at 90°C


AuNP Control

  • 0.11929g HAuCl4
  • 0.11262g Sodium Citrate
  • 0.00294g NaBH4

AuNP - increase gold #1

  • 0.15687g HAuCl4
  • 0.11064g Sodium Citrate
  • 0.00294g NaBH4

Film Experiment

  • 2%
    • 0.99170g PEO
    • 0.02062g Trifilate


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