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  • Create a Rough Schedule for the Research Semester
  • Finalize procedures for AuNP synthesis and film formation
  • Create Nanoparticles


  1. Synthesis of AuNPs - Stock Prep
    1. 10mL of 1% weight HAuCl4 was made in water
    2. 10mL of 38.8mM Sodium Citrate was made in water
    3. 5mL of 0.075% weight NaBH4 was made in Sodium Citrate Solution
  2. Synthesis of AuNPs
    1. 90mL of water placed in a 100 mL volumetric flask with magnetic stirring
    2. 1mL of HAuCl4 solution added and stirred for 1 minute
    3. 2mL of Sodium Citrate solution added and stirred for 1 minute
    4. 1mL of NaBH4 added and stirred for 5 minutes
    5. The solution was then placed in a dish and left for two days to dry


AuNP Stock Solutions

  • 0.11929g HAuCl4
  • 0.11596g Sodium Citrate
  • 0.00356g NaBH4


  • Because NaBH4 reacts with air, a fresh batch must be synthesized for every reaction