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Online communities

  • The "Citizendium"
  • The Synaptic Leap - Open Source Biomedical Research for the 21st Century
  • Siphs - a peer enabled search engine and online reference for the life sciences research community
  • MetaCollab - a collaboration on collaboration.
  • Wikinomics - an open documentation initiative in the field of bioinformatics and systems biology
  • Synthetic Pages - is a freely available interactive database of synthetic chemistry.
  • BIOSCI/Bionet is a set of electronic communication forums - the bionet USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - promotes communication between professionals in the biological sciences
  • BioResearch Online is an online community that serves the product-sourcing and information-seeking needs of bioresearch professionals working on biopharm manufacturing, RNA, enzymatic reactions, biopharm contract manufacturing, as well as fermentation, pathogens, filtration, research and biopharm testing
  • 50 popular science blogs from 2006
  • Biohackers News for life science Nerds. Biology that matters.
  • Protocol Online - your lab's reference book
  • Biolicious - tagging for biology
  • CiteULike is a free service to help academics to share, store, and organise the academic papers they are reading
  • Connotea is a free website to help researchers and clinicians manage and share information.
  • Postgenomic collates posts from life science blogs.
  • iSpecies - the mashup returns a page with NCBI genomics information, Yahoo images of the species, and articles culled from Google Scholar.
  • SIPHS is a peer support network for researchers in the biological and biomedical sciences
  • iHOP - a gene network for navigating the literature
  • Biocomicals emerged from integrating science and fun.
  • The Scientific Debate - post-publication review
  • Biology Online - Life Science Reference



Knowledge bases

Reactome - a curated knowledgebase of biological pathways

Wikis in education

  • Sister Wikis
  • Wikis in Education - proceedings of Wikimania 2006
  • Wikiacademia - a web application which manages course wikis with a markup syntax and feel similar to MediaWiki but with the addition of assignments, grades, and access rights.

Wiki hosting

  • Wikia - a collection of communities with websites that you can edit
    • Student wikis - for all university and school student communities to share information that they think is necessary.
    • Openserving offers all the software, computing, storage and network access necessary for users to create, maintain and disseminate their own content and information online, for free.
  • PBwiki - free collaborative editing
  • ProjectForum is software that makes it easy for a team of people to work together
  • Wetpaint - Create a free wiki
  • Assembla provides free workspaces (wiki, discussion, alerts) for distributed software development teams
  • Mindquarry is an Open Source collaborative software platform for file sharing (documents, images, media files, etc.), task and project management, team collaboration and Wiki editing that meshes simplicity and functionality
  • MIT Wiki Service

Open Access

Wiki Science

  • Wiki Science is the study of how the phenomenon of wikis, and free, open collaborative works in general (like free software and open source), are growing, changing and adapting.
  • Kevin Crowston
    • FLOSS - Free/Libre Open Source Software