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Today's goals are similar to yesterday, we are trying to obtain a purple solution with a 166 ratio and fibers with 70 ratio. To do so, we are going to do yesterday experiment (with 166 ratio) to see if we can reproduce it. At the same time, we are going to reduce the total volume of the 70 ratio solution and see if we obtain fibers.


  • 70 ratio (Au/BSA):
  1. 0.05mL of HAuCl4 (4.17mM)
  2. 0.1mL BSA (17.7µM)
  3. 0.2mL water
  4. Place in the heatblock for 2 hours (constant temperature)
  • 166 ratio (Au/BSA):
  1. 0.1mL of HAuCl4 (2.9mM)
  2. 0.1mL of BSA (17.7µM)
  3. 0.8mL of water
  4. Place it in the heatblock for 1 hours and then put it into ice


For the 166 ratio, we have been able to reproduce yesterday results; we obtained a purple solution solution thanks to this specific protocol (whereas this Au/BSA ratio usually formed purple fibers). However, we have not be able to induce fibers formation with the 70 ratio, reducing the buffer volume isn't enough to allow fibers formation. We obtained a purple solution.

7dec-GoldNPs result.jpg