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Contact Info

Elisabetta Lambertini


  • PhD, University of California, Davis. Civil and Environmental Engineering, water and health, 2010.
  • BS and MS, Environmental Engineering, Universita` degli Studi di Bologna, Italy, 2003.

Research interests

My research interests are in the area of water and health. I work at the intersection of environmental engineering, public health, ecology and sustainable development to help solve water-related human and ecosystem health problems through an "ecohealth" approach. My current areas of activity include:

  • Waterborne disease epidemiology: occurrence and health effects of viruses in drinking water
  • Risk modeling
  • Analytical methods for molecular epidemiology and the study of microbial communities in environmental matrices
  • Human and zoonotic pathogens in agricultural systems
  • Appropriate drinking water and sanitation technologies for low-tech contexts
  • Dissemination of technological innovations


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  2. Massoudieh A., Crain C., Lambertini E., Nelson K.E., Barkouki T., L’Amoreaux P., Loge F.J., Ginn T.R. (2010). Kinetics of conjugative gene transfer on surfaces in granular porous media. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 112: 91-102. PMID=19969386
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  4. Lambertini E., Spencer S.K., Bertz P.D., Loge F.J., Kieke B., Borchardt M.A. (2008). Concentration and Recovery of Enteroviruses, Adenoviruses, and Noroviruses from Drinking Water with Glass Wool Filters. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74(10): 2990-6.
  5. Massoudieh A., Mathew A., Lambertini E., Nelson K.E., Ginn T.R. (2007). Horizontal gene transfer on surfaces in natural porous media: conjugation and kinetics. Vadose Zone Journal 6: 306-315.


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