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MMF Synthesis

  1. Remove solvent from precipitate.
    • Due to a crack in the flask, all solvent evaporated off over the weekend.
  2. Add 20 mL water and 20 mL CH2Cl2.
  3. Extract solid with 20 mL CH2Cl2 3 times.
  4. Add 30 mL of brine and extract again.
  5. Add 1 g of MgSO4.
  6. Filter out MgSO4 with cellulose filter paper.
  7. Rotovap.

PPF Synthesis

  1. Slowly lower the temperature of the oven with MOF samples in sand bath.
  2. Filter crystals over nylon filter paper.
  3. Mass of crystals:
    • PPF-18: 4.0 mg
    • PPF-20: 25.5 mg