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  1. Finish XRD, IR, & TGA of your clay samples
  2. Finish Au-clay formation
  3. GCMS of (a) methanol, (b) glycerol in methanol, and (c) your product
  4. AuNP in D2O using dried AuCl3, dried AA, NaOD, and D2O
    • you should still have 4 samples of dried AuCl3
    • D2O and NaOD are in the refrigerator. NaOD is 40 wt% or 18.3 M
    • use your lysine, arginine or histidine to make AuNP
    • your control will be same solution without AuCl3 (including use of NaOD)
    • repeat AuNP and control using N-capped arginine (in refrigerator)

Upcoming Tasks

  1. No class tomorrow, but please attend seminar at 2:30 pm in MGC-315
  2. Results section due next Wednesday
  3. Methods section will be available tomorrow
  4. Lab Practical on November 14 & 15, 2017.