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  1. Prepare 5 ICP standards for Au (in range of 0 - 200 ppm)
  2. Dilute all HAuCl4 stock solutions to range of 100 - 1000 uM
  3. Use ICP to measure [Au] in stock solutions, AuNP colloids, & AuNP fiber solutions
    • You need about 2 mL per sample
    • AuNP solutions should be measured undiluted
  4. Remake D2O solutions for tomorrow using dried AuCl3 solutions
    • all were stable for one day, so NMR will be conducted tomorrow
    • Make one solution per AA
    • Use vial of dried Au and add ~ 1 mg AA, 0.1 mL NaOH in D2O, and 0.9 mL D2O
  5. Measure UV/VIS of whichever AuNP solutions that remained stable