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  1. Finish any tasks remaining from prior 4 classes (e.g. gel staining, Bradford re-test)
    • Bradford Analysis should look like this
  2. Measure UV/VIS from 800 nm to 200 nm of dialysis solutions (all 6) using quartz cuvettes
  3. Prepare AuNP using D2O
  4. Prepare comparative AuNP using D2O


Recall that gold absorbs at 265 nm and HxMe2ImCl absorbs at 211 nm
Furthermore, the broad absorbance of AuNP at low wavelengths may cause overlaps
We will test for the movement of HxMe2ImCl. There probably is too little AuNP in outside chamber to measure.

  • Use a low volume cuvette (semi-micro hold ~ 1 mL and micro hold 0.2 mL)
  • Wash sequentially and dry
    • Wash with water. Use a 200 uL pipette to remove last bits of fluid
    • Wash with 10% HCl (or 1 M). Use a 200 uL pipette to remove last bits of fluid
    • Wash with acetone. Use a 200 uL pipette to remove last bits of fluid
    • Let dry for 5 minutes
  • Run a pure water sample every 3 – 6 measurements to ensure your washing procedure is efficient

‘’’You will need to coordinate with the other groups to make sure enough time is provided for every group.’’’

AuNP using D2O

  • Add 1 mL D2O to your dried sample of HAuCl4
  • Gently shake to completely dissolve
  • Add 0.1 mL of 1 M NaOH in D2O, between 0.0007 and 0.0009 g of AA, and 0.9 mL D2O
  • Gently shake to completely dissolve
  • Cover with foil

AuNP with H2O

  • In case we did not form AuNP, we will run parallel screening tests in H2O
  • I have ordered more D2O, which can be used at a later date
  • Prepare 2 mL samples using the following volumes of stock solutions
    • I have prepared samples of 10 mM AuCl3 and 1 M NaOH
      Sample      AA (g) 10mM AuCl3 (mL) 1M NaOH (mL) water (mL)
         1      0.004           0.4        0.1      1.5
         2      0.0008           0.2        0.1      1.7
         3      0.004           0.2        0.1      1.7
         4      0.0008           0.4        0.1      1.5

  • Repeat entire table using your HAuCl4 instead of AuCl3