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  • Remake Au:BSA solutions with ratios of 60, 90, 120, 150
  • Make Au:AA solutions with same ratios.
  • Prepare 50mL of 250μM of three different kinds of AA
  • Test pH of AA solutions
  • Measure UV-Vis of AA stock solutions


  • BSA Solutions- Amount of BSA needed for each ratio

Calculation: 1mL HAuCl4 * 1L/1000mL*2.5mmol/1L * 1 mol/1000mmol = 2.5*10^-6 mol HAuCl4

2.5*10^-6 mol HAuCl4/Ratio*10^6μmol/ 1 mol * 1L/ 250μmol = Volume BSA

  • Amino Acid Stock Preparation


  • UV-Vis data for AA Stock Solutions

Tryptophan has a peak at 279 with an intensity of 1.21 and a peak at 217 with an intensity of 4.038.

  • Tryptophan Fluoresence

Excitation at 279

Peak at 375.5


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