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  • Stock preparation and instrument precision


1. Prepared 100mL of 2.5 mmol HAuCl4

2. Prepared 100mL of 250 umol BSA

3. Prepared 2 10mL AuNP solutions of Au:BSA 80 and 160

4. Measurement Practice

a. Precision and Accuracy Pipetters
b. Preparing Solutions
100 mL of 1.71 mM NaCl
10 mL of 13.5 μM dye from stock
c.Reagent Purities


  • Pipette Accuracy

  • Glassware Cleanliness Using UV and Fluoresence

  • Water Purity

HPLC Water: 4.39 µS/cm DI Water: 3.47 µS/cm Tap Water: 4.06 µS/cm


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