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  • Vacuum Filtrate 25% Beads
  • Re-swell dried 10% Beads
  • Put dried yellow beads in 0.1 M HCl


  • Make 0.1 M HCl
  • 0.858 mL concentrated HCl for 100 mL
  • Place dried beads in 10mL of 0.1M HCl
  • Measure pH
  • Will let them sit until wednesday and allow them to reach equilibrium. Then we'll put them in water and measure how the pH changes.
  • Re-swell dried 10% beads. Placed in water. (Dry sieving didn't work due to static electricity and beads clumping together. Will try wet sieving instead)
  • Took the mass of dried beads to calculate swelling.
  • Placed 25% Beads in acetone to attempt to dry beads enough so that they separate enough to wet sieve.


  • 10% Beads initial pH: 0.933
  • 25% Beads intitial pH: 0.904
  • 40% Beads initial pH: 1.040