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Make 40% clay beads

Start gather adsorption data for malachite green in Activated Carbon column and 10% clay beads column.


  • 40% clay beads:

1.25g PVA

1.25g PVA/6*4 = 0.833333g

0.833333g Bentonite * 97ml solution/3g bentonite = 27 mL bentonite solution

55mL solution - 27 mL bentonite solution - 15mL HCL: 13 mL H2O

  • Create a solution of PVA, bentonite solution, and water.
  • Place this solution on a hot plate and heat/stir until everything has dissolved.
  • Add 5 mL of this solution to a 30 mL solution of ethyl acetate dropwise stirring at 380 rpm
  • Wait 3 mins and add 0.5 mL of glutaraldehyde and stir at 400 rpm.
  • After 7 minutes, add 7 mL of sodium bicarbonate and stir for 30 seconds.

  • Find Adsorption Data for MG in Activated Carbon and 10% beads
  • Add 50ppm into columns 5mL of a time.
  • Collect effluent into vials.
  • Continue adding MG until the effluent has about the same concentration as the MG run through the column
  • Once effluent appears the same color going in a coming out, start adding water 5mL at a time and collect effluent.
  • Finish effluent collection when water runs clear again


Drop Rate Activated Carbon: 12 drops/min

Drop Rate 10% Carbon: 20 drops/min