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Entry title


  • This is a test run for RT-PCR training. Using gene targets identified in prior research to pancreas differentiation gene sequences.

Reaction List

  Template cDNA Gene Target
Rxn 1: treated cells PDX1
Rxn 2: treated cells MAFA
Rxn 3: treated cells GLP1R
Rxn 4: treated cells PCSK1
Rxn 5: treated cells IAPP
Rxn 6: treated cells KCNQ2
Rxn 7: treated cells GAPD (reference gene)
Rxn 8: untreated cells PDX1
Rxn 9: untreated cells MAFA
Rxn 10: untreated cells GLP1R
Rxn 11: untreated cells PCSK1
Rxn 12: untreated cells IAPP
Rxn 13: untreated cells KCNQ2
Rxn 14: untreated cells GAPD (reference gene)
Rxn 15: no template PDX1
Rxn 16: no template MAFA
Rxn 17: no template GLP1R
Rxn 18: no template PCSK1
Rxn 19: no template IAPP
Rxn 20: no template KCN2Q
Rxn 21: no template GAPD (reference gene)
  • Run 3 Each
  • 45 Reactions Run
  • Using Variation 2

Variation 2
Figure 1

  • Using as Reference, discount gene names on left side


  Roche Name Left Primer Right Primer UPL probe
PDX1 NM_000209.3 aagctcacgcgtggaaag gccgtgagatgtacttgttgaa #78, 04689011001
MAFA NM_201589.3 agcgagaagtgccaactcc ttgtacaggtcccgctcttt #39, 04687973001
GLP1R NM_002062.3 gtggcggccaattactactg ggccagcagtgtgtacagg #22, 04686969001
PCSK1 NM_000439.4 caagagcttgtgaaggacaaga tctttcagccaagagcacag #1, 04684974001
IAPP NM_000415.2 ttaccaaattgtagaggctttcg ccctgcctctatacactcactacc #77, 04689003001
KCNQ2(4) NM_172108.3 gacgtcatcgagcagtactca cccacgatctggtccact #56, 04688538001
GAPD (Ref) NM_002046.3 agccacatcgctcagacac gcccaatacgaccaaatcc #60, 04688589001