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The Daily Grind

  • Sarah dipped a bunch of soil swap bacteria for me (loopful of colony intro 1 ml of phosphate buffer). These included 4A1-4A12, 4B3-4B5, 4B7-4B12, 4C3-4C12, 4D7-4D12, 4E7-4E12, 4F7-4F12, 4F7-4F11, and 4G8
  • Did labelled PCR for 94 samples. Used 2 ul of previous PCR into 10.5 ul of PCR mix. Used oil, 35 cycles (plus the 35 used on the 2 ul from previous) annealing of 48 and 1 minute extentions.
  • Transformed previous days ligations of Kp342 alsSD into pDRIVE with Arabad (Nde/Spe and dephosphorylated)