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The Daily Grind

  • Re-isolating seed endophytes from second generation (Paisly field) cause old plates overgrew. Gonna take isolates and ID them by sequencing to establish inheritance. 15 seeds per tube are being soaked in water for 48 hours before sterilization and extraction. Their dry weights are as follows.

B73: 3.33 g Boloita: 1.65 g Chapalote: 2.91 g Cristalino: 4.45 g Diploperenis: 0.21 Gaspe: 2.68 g Jala: 0.84 g Mexicanis: 1.41 g Mixteco: 0.34 g NalTel: 0.78 g Parviglumis: 1.18 g Pioneer: 3.06 g

  • Appears I've got both RNAi, ACC Deaminase, and Klebsiella's alsSD operon all under Arabad control in pDRIVE! Running gel now to check.