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χρόνος πέρασμα June 9th 2011


  • Preparation of the flasks in which the plants will be grown. These plants will serve us, once mature, to obtain the reference atmospheric concentration components with which our system will be compared.
  • Preparation of the project general presentation.

  • Today I checked the transformation Pablo Garcia and Paulina Alatriste made. These were made as a control, the pBBRMCS5 blunted plasmid was put to ligate without the PCR amplification (containing the RFP gene). The expected output was to see normal grey colonies... the problem was that there were some colonies in the transformation control, as well as almost none in the transformation with the plasmid. Nonetheless, we will let the petri dishes to grow more time to see if more colonies appear. At least we know that a very little proportion of the plasmid is well blunted (and we have already checked that the double digestion was well performed). Fabricio López will clean the PCR product and ligate it with the blunted plasmid.
  • I made 1 liter of LB liquid medium, following Miguel Ángel's protocol.
  • Pablo, Melisa Rivas, Daniela García, Gustavo Ruíz, Uriel Urquiza and I made the general presentation that we will use to prepare the "individual" presentations each team member must do to the CCG's and IBt's research groups.
  • I also helped Paulina and Gustavo in preparing the media needed in which the Phaseolus vulgaris will grow. 30 flasks were autoclaved filled with 220 ml of Fahraeus medium and 1.65 grams of bacteriologic agar.