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χρόνος πέρασμα June 8th 2011


  • Preparation of the Phaseolus vulgaris bat477 seeds into petri dishes, they will grow for three days and then will be inoculated with the R. etli variants we will use in the project.

  • Today I helped Paulina Alatriste and Pablo García in gardening things. They went to see Ivonne and Esperanza to start preparing the Phaseolus vulgaris bat477 seeds, this plant we will use as the plant host to our R. etli as it is very homogeneous from plant to plant. I only put the already washed seeds into petri dishes that contained solidified medium (water with agar). I put ~20 seeds per plate, and put them to incubate at 29°C. The seeds will be ready to be inoculated with the different rhizibium variants this friday.
  • The Rhizobium etli variants that will be used are: CFN42 wild-type, CFN42 mutated in one of the nitrogen fixation operons that fix half nitrogen compared to the wild-type, CFN42 mutated in the RPOH1 and RPOH2 genes that do not fix nitrogen at all, and the R. etli M4 CH2410 that turns blue once in the nodule; the fitht variant experiment will be plants with no rhizobium to inoculate them.
  • In total there will be 30 seeds. Each variant will be composed of three replicates, and each variant will be tested in two conditions: inside the culture room and outside in the greenhouses.