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1. Test Spun down proteins for activity 2. Make conjugates at a much higher concentration


-Testing Myoglobin and Hemoglobin

  1. Use Ocean optics
    1. Sample of centrifuged solution
    2. 10mM Degassed Sodium Dithionite

-Making new conjugates for the alpha method

  1. 25mL of AuNP solution
  2. 25mL of protein (myoglobin and hemoglobin) in 50mM Tris buffer
  3. Placed in fridge until testing


MyoglobinDTT.png+DML This is the result of the centrifuged Myoglobin solution It shows Myoglobin activity which means spinning at high speeds does not denature protein or break them apart

The same result was found for the Hemoglobin solution