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  • Test HRP pellet
  • Spin myoglobin and HB to see if it breaks apart
  • UV/Vis myoglobin and Hb, spin, test again


  1. Make 0.1g/mol solutions of all three proteins in 50mM Tris buffer
  2. Spin solutions at 19000 rpm for 3 hours
  3. Test for HRP activity in the pellets
    1. Make OPD solution (1mg/mL)
    2. Make H2O2 solution
      1. 113uL 30% H2O2 in 887uL H2O
    3. Make mixture to be tested
      1. 2.025mL OPD solution
      2. 0.75mL H2O2 solution
      3. Take UV-Vis
      4. Add 0.225mL


UV-Vis of Hemoglobin solution before Spin

UV-Vis of Myoglobin solution before Spin

UV-Vis of AuNP solution before spin

  • Used for concentration calculations and size

The last three images represent the activity of the pellets of HRP:AuNP conjugates for the three methods


When the tubes were removed from the centrifuge, none of the solutions had separated, pelleted out. There was a homogenous mixture for all three. The tubes were stored in the fridge over night to test for activity.