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  1. Before any measurement, take note of physical appearance of your samples (taking pics with cell phones helps here)
  2. Atomic Absorption
    1. centrifuge (4mL of your) samples (use the large centrifuge upstairs) 30min at 4000rpm.
    2. make standard solutions in the same manner as the last time we performed AA. But, this time make concentrations that go up to 50ug/mL
    3. Take measurements of your standards and samples
    4. Make a graph showing concentration of Au vs Au:protein ratio


Here are the graphs of concentration versus gold to protein ratios for invertase and BSA.

Invertase AuNP AA.png


- Both sets of nano particles showed fibers in all the ratios. For BSA fibers were not expected to have formed at or before a gold to protein ratio of 105.
This suggests that in making stock solutions of either gold or the protein, there was an error which lead to incorrect ratios in the nano particles.