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Analysis and synthesis of more protein-AuNP materials. This week we made HRP-AuNPs and Pepsin-AuNPs.


  1. Before any measurement, take note of physical appearance of your samples (taking pics with cell phones helps here)
  2. Atomic Absorption
    1. centrifuge (4mL of your) samples (use the large centrifuge upstairs) 30min at 4000rpm.
    2. make standard solutions in the same manner as the last time we performed AA. But, this time make concentrations that go up to 50ug/mL


The atomic absorption spectra of Pepsin and HRP and also for the new nano particles that we made in the previous lab (HRP and Myoglobin nano particles).

- In HRP there were no fibers observed in the given ratios which means no critical point. This fact is confirmed with the relatively constant concentration of gold
in the HRP solution for ratio from 30 to 210. Last lab section we made new nano particles in ratios ranging from 230 to 390. Atomic Absorption was taken 

of both sets of nano particles. In the second half of the graph, the concentration of gold drops which indicates the formation of fibers.

- This graph shows that the concentration of golf in solution is dropping rapidly at the lowest ratio which means that the critical point of Myoglobin 
has already been reached. Evidence of that was the presence of fibers in the solutions.