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  • BioFlorida - Central Chapter[1]

Co-Chair: Thad Seymour, PhD Lake Nona Phone: 407-816-6675

Co-Chair: William Warren, PhD Sanofi Pasteur VaxDesign Campus Phone: (407) 243-5600

Because of the geographical challenge Florida presents, BioFlorida has implemented regional Chapters to serve its members throughout the state. There are no additional membership fees or Chapter-specific fees in the BioFlorida organization. Chapters were created to better facilitate communication with members at the local level; provide enhanced services to members; provide education and support to bioscience organizations throughout the state; and cover topics of interest to members in each respective region.


Aliivibrio fischeri

  • Jesse: modifying the operon to act as a biosensor
  • Ryan: find pathway to make luciferin
    • Fluorescent proteins already exist that can be used as tags and sensors
    • Standard protocol for identifying things or optimizing circuits
      • Where to put it?
      • Under what promoter?
      • With what logic?
      • What assembly method to use?
      • Where are we sourcing it from?
      • Brightness or sensor in logic circuit or output indicating expression of another gene?


  • Jesse: detection of small molecules found at marine spill sites?
  • Emerick: ANALOG bio-sensing of polycyclic hydrocarbons or nitrates
  • Ryan: "if we search long enough we can find a bug that can degrade anything"