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Local spaces

  • "Kitchen space"
  • Max: The UCF Center For Entrepeneurship in BA1 is being converted into a makerspace- it looks like they're most responsive to social-enterprise work, so if we could find a way to approach bio stuff from that angle we could have at that space for sure.

The main-campus space wants to be oriented towards 'commercial enterprise', which according to the wikipeeds is 'an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being' so yeah, if we can figure out some way to do concrete good with our work then we'd have an in there too FamiLAB's content to be a place for hobbyists and lone-wolf entrepeneurs

  • Jesse: The hardest thing about bio space is the need for "wet work" equipment. If we can find a good argument for putting small incubators, fridges, sinks, ect... We would have a really good shot.
    • Lake Nona: most likely where they will tell us to go
    • Office of Tech Transfer


  • Emerick
  • Google Doc [1]
  • Ryan: nitrogen fixing cereals might be a bad idea
    • Justifying monoculture = Monsanto?
    • Untested and unethical
  • Emerick
    • Not necessarily a bad idea
    • Could be implemented in a polyculture
    • Idea could be easily exploited to justify the prolongation of subsidized monopolistic monoculture