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Contact Info

Cesar Nieto (2019)

I work in the Biophysics at Universidad de los Andes.Currently I am a Doctoral Student researching in Complex Network Dynamics.


  • 2015-2019, PhD, Universidad de los Andes.
  • 2012-2014, Msc, Universidade de Sao Paulo.
  • 2007-2011, Bachelor on physics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Research interests

  1. Stochastic Processes.
  2. Bacterial cell division
  3. Systems Biology
  4. Control theory


  1. Nieto, C., Arias-Castro, J., Sánchez, C., Vargas-García, C., & Pedraza, J. M. (2020). Unification of cell division control strategies through continuous rate models. Physical Review E, 101(2), 022401. DOI:

  2. Nieto, C. A., Garcia, C. A. V., Sanchez, C., Arias-Castro, J. C., & Pedraza, J. M. (2020). Correlation between protein concentration and bacterial cell size can reveal strategies of gene expression. Physical Biology. DOI:

  3. Nieto-Acuna, C. A., Vargas-Garcia, C. A., Singh, A., & Pedraza, J. M. (2019). Efficient computation of stochastic cell-size transient dynamics. BMC bioinformatics, 20(23), 1-6. DOI: