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Experiment with fiber formation


Using Re-Folding Buffer:

Ran 2 reactions:

1. 25μL of 4.17mM Au and 25 μL 30μM BSA in water 2. 25μL of 4.17mM Au and 50 μL 30μM BSA in water

In PCR tubes. Put in heat block. Using UV-VIS to monitor color change.

In 1:1 got fiber formation- visibly clear solution. Ran UV-Vis of solution- got just the slightest increast at 550. Somewhat negligable.

The half gold solution turned a light purple. Ran UV-Vis and saw characteristic peak at 550nm. Added 1mL of Tris pH 7. Tested on pH strip and the pH appeared around 6. Ran UV-VIS and the peak at 550 diminished by about 1/2 as expected. Will analyze data to confirm. No other visible changes in UV-VIS spectra. Added that 1mL diluted so that no color or color change was visible. And additional 1mL of buffer was added. Using pH strip the solution appeared to be around pH7. Ran UV-VIS and the peak strength diminished as expected with no other visible changes.


Centreifuging down purple solution from last week. 1300 rpm for 20 minutes

Puting fibers from previous weeks in bases:

Removing (tweezers) putting in 1M and 6M NaOH, then tried removing water and adding base

in 6M, fibers broke up a little but otherwise remained intact and same color. The solution appeared to remain clear.

Also added to ethanol. No immediate change.

Letting sit to observe further

Fiber Formation:

Started 2 AuNP synthesis reactions w/ 500μL BSA solution and 500μL gold solution. Placed in oven.



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