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  • To find the sensitivity of the fluorometer using Ru(bpy)(phen) in acetonitrile.


First, standards of Ru(bpy)(phen) in acetonitrile were made. The stock solution of Ru(bpy)(phen) is 360μM:

Standard Amount of Ru(bpy)(phen) Amount of acetonitrile Final Concentration in Cuvette
Standard 1 60 μL 2940 μL 7.2 μM
Standard 2 120 μL 2880 μL 14.4μM
Standard 3 180μL 2820μL 21.6μM
Standard 4 240μL 2760μL 28.8μM
Standard 5 300μL 2700μL 36μM
Standard 6 600μL 2400μL 72μM
Standard 7 900μL 2100μL 108μM

The intensities taken were corrected with the intensities of acetonitrile, and the spectrum of intensities was graphed:

The curves were integrated in Excel and the following areas under the curves were found:

Concentration (μM) Integrated Intensity
7.2 682.1927
14.4 886.9565
21.6 1091.243
28.8 1339.258
36 1436.954
72 1767.737
108 1877.2334

These integrated intensity were plotted against the concentrations to see the sensitivity of the instrument:

The calculated integrated intensities for all data collected from the class was graphed in the same way:


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