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Adaptive Dynamics Updates

The numerical coexistence time simulations are still running, (Server rest brought down these runs two weeks ago, and they take a few weeks to do all the replicates) meanwhile here are the rest of the analytic set (and one simulation that finished). See code for parameters etc. (Below in frame)

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EVE Seminar: Brad Shaffer

A rather good talk on the California Tiger salamander, emphasizing intersection of ecological and evolutionary investigation in a conservation, management-oriented context.

  • Land near vernal pool 10x more valuable than 1km away, though salamander habitat extends up to 2km, order of magnitude farther than expected. Estimated from reproductive value of individuals times individual density as a function of distance from the pond.
  • Hybrid study with over 60 markers for the invasive, and three superinvasive genes that must all be present to give the much more competitive large-phenotype metamorph.
  • See Brad's recent Tiger Salamander publications for details.