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Working on likelihood ratio/phylogenetic signal manuscript.

scrap notes from more literature combing

  • Cheverud 1985 autocorellational model, extended by Gittlman & Kot 1990
  • Grafen 89, Pagen & Harvey 89 extending PIC to polytomies
  • Harvey & Mace 82, Harvey & Clutton Brock 85 taxonomic rather than phylogenetic

From Blomberg et al: "The three best-justified phylogenetically based statistical methods can all be applied with a star phylogeny, in which case they yield results that are exactly the same as a conventional analysis (phylogenetically independent contrasts: Felsenstein 1985; generalized least squares: Grafen 1989; Martins and Hansen 1997; Garland and Ives 2000; Rohlf 2001; Monte Carlo simulations: Martins and Garland 1991; Garland et al. 1993; Reynolds and Lee 1996)"

  • papers claiming: apply only if significant

(e.g., Gittleman and Kot 1990; Gittleman et al. 1996a; Abouheif 1999). Gittleman and Luh 1992