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Signature contraction

This is a test page
This is the same test page in the edit window with the sig contract script install. If you saved or previewed the page, it would look like the above picture

Do you want to use big, pretty sigs, but not want to see them in your edit window? Now you can. A picture is worth a thousand words, so see the screenshots to the right.

To set up, just put the code from here to the end of your monobook.js. Be warned: this conflicts with the edit summary enforcer script.

Sigs must have special comments for this to work with their sigs. At the beginning of the sig, you need to put <!--[[User:Where/sigContract]];YourUserName-->. At the end, you must put <!--ESC:YourUserName-->. For example, User:Example might have his sig:

<!--[[User:Where/sigContract]];Example--><b>[[User:Example|<font color="blue">Ex</font>]][[WP:EA|<font color="#0AB20D">a</font>]][[User:Example|<font color="blue">mple</font>]] <sup>[[User talk:Example|<font color="#0099FF">(talk)</font>]]</sup></b><!--ESC:Example-->

NOTE: This script is not compatible with wikiEd.

Thank you to ILovePlankton for his extensive testing!!!