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Gel of Ligation

I set up a gel of the ligation from yesterday this morning, as soon as it develops and I get a good picture of it, I will post it here. Right now I am waiting for the gel to harden.

Capture 00038.JPG

Unfortunately the ligation did not work as we had hoped. We ran a nanodrop on it to determine the concentration, which worked out to 3.9ng/ul.

To Do While Ant's in New York

  • Practice the tethering reaction and try to get some to work.
  • Try the different length tethers to get used to looking at them.
  • Run a PCR of the double stranded DNA.
    • Find the missing primer
    • Remember the concentrations are different for the dNTPs
    • Try the concentration of Mg2+ at what is given, and half that.
  • Read through the protocols and write up thoughts and notes
  • Math quiz, volume integrals and divergence theorem