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Contact Info

Bin He

I worked in the Kreitman Lab at University of Chicago, Department of Ecology and Evolution. Now I'm a post-doc researcher in Erin O'Shea group at Harvard University / HHMI. Welcome to email me if you have any scientific questions to discuss!


  • 2006-2012,PhD, Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago
    • Thesis: Using drosophila natural variation to study the role of positive selection in cis-regulatory evolution and the genetic basis of a complex disease trait
    • Advisor: Dr. Martin Kreitman, Department of Ecology and Evolution
  • 2002-2006, BS, Peking University, Beijing, China
    • Undergraduate thesis: Using Microfluidics device to explore the phenomenon of bacterial persistence.
    • Advisor: Dr. Qi Ouyang, Department of PHysics, Center of Theoretical Biology

Research interests

What attract me most into biology is the beautiful and endless variations in nature. Not only am I attracted and amazed by the endless forms that animals and plants and microbes exhibit, but I am more indulged in how these variation are generated, maintained and how they relate to each other as a system.

In my graduate work, I focused on understanding forces driving the phenotypic changes at the molecular levels, i.e. genetic drift, natural selection and demographic histories. I've been combining population genetics and experimental approaches, using Drosophila as a model system, to study the evolutionary dynamics of regulatory sequences as well as the genetic basis of complex traits.

  1. Role of natural selection in explaining a fast rate of turnover of transcription factor binding sites (in Drosophila enhancers)
  2. Using Drosophila melanogaster natural variation to dissect the genetic basis of a complex (disease) trait caused by expression of a mutant human insulin gene


  • He, Z. B., Holloway, A. K., Maerkl J. S., Kreitman, M. (2011) Does positive selection drive transcription factor binding site turnover? A test with Drosophila cis-regulatory modules. PLoS Genet 7(4), e1002053.
  • He, B., Kreitman, M., (2010) Evolution of Cis-Regulatory Modules. In: Darwin's Heritage Today: Proceedings of the Darwin 200 Beijing International Conference, Long M., et al., eds, Higher Education Press, Beijing, China
  • Lu, J., Shen, Y., Wu, Q., Kumar, S., He, B., Shi, S., Carthew, R. W., Wang, S. M., Wu, C.-I. (2008) The birth and death of microRNA genes in drosophila. Nature Genetics 40 (3), 351-355.
  • Lou, C., Yang, X., Liu, X., He, B., Ouyang, Q. (2007) A quantitative study of λ-Phage SWITCH and its components. Biophysical Journal 92 (8), 2685-2693.


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