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DO’s and DON’Ts of Good Lab Citizenship.


   * Stay SAFE!
   * Be CONSIDERATE of others (their stuff, needs, space, etc)
   * Always ASK SOMEONE if you’re not sure about something.
   * THINK before you do.
   * CLEAN UP after yourself.
   * Maintain a CLEAN workspace.
   * Maintain STERILE technique.
   * ASK someone before you move their stuff.
   * BALANCE the centrifuges.
   * ASK SOMEONE how to use a piece of equipment if you haven’t used it before.
   * If you use the rotator in the 37C room, remember to TURN IT BACK ON
   * CLOSE refrigerator doors!!
   * Use YOUR OWN master stocks of chemicals and supplies; we’ll tell you which other supplies you’re allowed to use.
   * READ PROTOCOLS before you attempt them.
   * Keep any proteins (endonucleases, ligase, Taq supermix) always ON ICE
   * CHANGE TIPS between aliquots of important stocks.
   * WEAR GLOVES when working w/ dangerous/sensitive chemicals (phenol, RNA, etc).
   * Keep a good LAB NOTEBOOK so you know what you did.
   * Store GLYCEROLS appropriately
   * If you did something wrong, CONFESS and tell someone. You won’t get in trouble for accidents.


   * Don’t Be too shy to ASK QUESTIONS
   * Don’t Start something without THINKING about what you’re doing
   * Don’t Use a MACHINE without having received training on it.
   * Don’t POUR hazardous or unknown chemicals down the sink.
   * Don’t Leave a door to a cold or warm room OPEN.
   * Don’t IGNORE equipment alarms
   * Don’t USE master stocks other than your own without permission.
   * Don’t Leave your stuff lying around in other people’s areas.
   * Don’t EAT/DRINK in lab (go to the tea room to eat lunch and hang out).
   * Don’t PLAY MUSIC out loud (not everyone likes your taste).
   * Don’t DATE people you work with.*
  • may occasionally result in marriage.