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Day 13: Further Testing and New Samples

  • Today is day 13 and we prepared 4 new samples of Tryptophan but unlike before we decided not to add any extra drops of NaOH beforehand so that we can be able to see their true pH. We also prepared more electrodes in preparation for using the SEM to test if the gold nanoparticles would be present on the fiber in the electrode. To start the measured amounts of Tryptophan for each sample was as follows: Try 1-0.0012, Try 2-0.0010, Try 3-0.0010, and Try 4-0.0010 all in grams. So for the first sample or Try 1, the initial pH was 2.71 and the pH turned basic after 190 drops in which it was 8.39. A key thing that we noted was that this solution turned dark prematurely making it very heavily concentrated. The next sample or Try 2 had an initial pH of 2.80 and after 150 drops of NaOH was added the pH went to 8.70. For sample 3 which was Try 3, which had an initial pH of 2.86 after 135 drops the pH turned basic to 8.05. We also noted for this sample that this one initially had small dark particles floating in it and it took a longer time to get dark. Finally for sample 4 or Try 4 the initial pH was 2.86 and after 170 drops of NaOH was added the pH was 8.97. We also noted for this one that just like sample 3, this one initially had small dark particles floating in it, but unlike 3 this one took a shorter time to get dark. In addition to these results we also prepared 25 electrodes that each had a fiber in them but none of them were cut as that will be done tomorrow.