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Day 14: UV Testing and Cutting Electrodes

  • Today is Day 14 and tested our 4 basic pH samples using UV and saw that gold nanoparticles were present within all three samples. However, we noticed that sample three had the highest amount of gold nanoparticles present because it produced the best curve and sample 1, 2, and 4 had less gold nanoparticles present and their graphs looked similar. After the UV testing we then went to go cut the 25 electrodes that we had prepared yesterday. Once they were cut, we found four electrodes that had the longest fiber and then stuck the electrode into a peanut foam piece and stuck one into each of the four samples. We decided to have the electrodes within sample 1 and 2 to be immersed in the samples for 48 hours while the electrodes within sample 3 and 4 were to be immersed for 24 hours to coat the fiber with gold nanoparticles. Next week we plan on doing SEM imaging to see the production of gold nanoparticles on the fibers and this will be done on Wednesday.