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Entry title

  • Lab Presentation
  • Primer Design
    • (Amplify 300 bp exon following our intron in Fra a 1)
      • Took first/last 20 sequences of exon
    • (Amplify out intron for use (but this contains biobrick cloning sites so we probably won't do this)
      • Took last 5 sequences in exon, first 15 sequences in intron and last 15 sequences in intron and first 5 of following exon)
  • GFP Sequence Alignment
too many mismatches in alignment

  • PCR (Bet v1, Bet v 1.2, Ger 3, LTP 1)
    • Set annealing temp for 67.5
    • Used ~ 100 ng of genomic aribidopsis DNA/ 50 uL reaction
    • Lanes (1:Ladder; 2:LTP Sense; 3: LTP Antisense; 4:Ladder; 5:Bev v1 Sense; 6:Bev v1 Antisense; 7:Ladder; 8:Bev v1.2 sense; 9:Bev v1.2 antisense; 10: Ladder; 11:Ger 3 Sense; 12:Ger 3 Antisense)