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Hey Anthony, Yeah, we finally got our grant sent away, so things should lighten up soon.
I was thinking that I could get you started next week just learning some basic lab to handle yeast, make media, use sterile technique..that kind of stuff. We can grow up some yeast cells for extracting genomic DNA. I'll look up some protocols for this. Basically, what we will want to do over the next few weeks is:

  1. grow up yeast
  2. isolate genomic DNA
  3. digest genomic DNA (probably XhoI digests)
  4. ligate random fragments into a plasmid DNA vector
  5. Transform those ligated plamids into bacterial cells to amplify plasmids
  6. Isolate plasmid DNA from bacteria
  7. Digest and tether plasmids to unzipping construct whilst obtaining DNA sequencing data by traditional means for comparison

Hopefully by that time, Larry will be ready to try unzipping!
I'll walk you through all of this. I'm not too sure how long all of this will take but the good thing about this project is that there are a lot of good stopping points along the way. Why don't you come in next Monday and we can get started?

Cheers, Person

My thoughts

Well right now I don't know how to do any of that stuff, so this time with Osley Lab should be fun. Some things to learn:

  1. What is a plasmid DNA vector?