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You've seen this table before. I just wanted to have it in a place that I can easily find without surfing around my notebook.


Gel Prep
Tube Number Vol __ DNA Vol/# Buffer 10x Vol __ Vol __ Vol H2O Total Vol
1 xx xx xx xx xx xx

If I could somehow make this table a template where I can add rows and columns and change the contents (although that might be annoying calling all the variables), this could be good. For now I will just cut and paste this basic two row table.

New Method

Use Google Docs:

  1. Create a Google Doc (Spreadsheet)
  2. Fill in Data
  3. Publish the Doc
  4. Get key tag from the URL
  5. Input key into following code:
    • {{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=_stuff_|width=500|height=300}}
  6. Put on OWW page.


Reaction Template

{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=pkVjK7BvhWYEHOoEsVpLDNw|width=500|height=200}}