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I've been a bad boy, but that is all about to change. I dedicate myself to open notebooking and open science now and forever. This is going to be challenging though.

In the Freezer

I have to put this section here before I forget the work that I did 2 weeks ago.

  • Tube labeled ApBR: 25nM
  • Tube labeled TpALS: no information given but could be about 40ul of fresh PCR product (>150nM?)
  • Tube labeled SpBR: >200nM
  • Tube labeled BpALS: 65nM

Naming Convention

I've been naming my DNA products in 2 ways. First is a letter that designates what stage of the process the DNA is in and second is the name of the plasmid. So TpALS is tetherable pALS (custom plasmid) with dig and biotin end labels. pBR322 is also used in the process.


  • A - adapter ligated
  • S - SapI digested
  • B - BstXI digested
  • T - tetherable (used for stretching constructs)
  • U - Unzippable (used for unzipping constructs; here the plasmid name will designate what will be unzipped ie UpBR is unzippable pBR322 with a pALS anchor)