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While I wait for new beads, I will plan out the experiments and what needs to be done before hand in preparation for those experiments.


  • I definitely need to clean my slides. I will try two methods:
    1. Clean in sonicater with ethanol and water and maybe alconox
    2. Clean some slides with windex. This will be my "control" group.
  • I don't need to do any anti-dig prepping.
  • I probably should make a brand new stock of BGB, which means I need to make more Popping Buffer, which means I need more EDTA. I wonder if Andy has some I can use.
  • These are the experiments I want to run:
    • 0.51um stuck bead DOG profile and z-scan
    • 0.51um free bead power spectrum
    • If those work out then I want to tether with the 0.51um beads
    • 4.4kb stretching tethers
    • 1.1kb stretch tethers
    • unzip pBR
    • unzip TD

Man I really hope these experiments work. I need a win for once.