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Last week I was analyzing the data from the week before. Koch noticed that we had a major noise issue and discovered it could possibly be due to the blower directly overhead from the tweezers. We got Joe to close the vent some and it audibly sounded much quieter. We then did some stuck bead DOG profiles and compared it to the data set from 2 fridays ago. Here is what we saw:


The old data is the top left corner labeled "Blower full fan on". Blower refers to the overhead vent and fan refers to the camera fan. We did some DOG profiles of the reduced vent with the fan on and off and then we turned the blower off completely and the fan and did another DOG profile (bottom right). We used the same settings from that first data set (on the feedback software) and used data over a distance of 200 in whatever units the x signal is. The data is distance vs time (even though it should be x vs piezo).

Distance vs Volt