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I made some foam dampeners/slide holders.

Version 1

In this version the slide sits on two cork board pads and is surrounded by foam to help dampen the noise. The cork is to help isolate the slide. Double-sided tape will be used to hold the slide to the cork.

Version 2

In this version the entire system is made from cork and includes a slide holding slot. Something will be required to hold the slide in place because double-sided tape doesn't stick too well to the foam

Version 3

This is to be made...

In this version a cast will be made of an existing slide holder (probably from PDMS) and from that cast, a slide holder can be made using spray foam perhaps. The foam will then be cut into the shape of the arm that we have holding the slides now.

To Do

Tomorrow I will make a sample of stuck beads and free beads (small and big I suppose) and try and determine the noise levels to see if they have decreased. Also I will need to talk with Dan to try and get the blowers to reduce in this lab.