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DOG Signal

I don't remember how to display the data as html, but I've saved it on the hard drive of the tweezer machine under Me >> Shotgun DNA Mapping >> Today's date. I took pictures where I started scanning and where I finished scanning. I started the z-piezo at 0V with the focus of the trap just below the plane of the beads and ended at 0.8V with the focus just above the plane of the beads. I took data at intervals of 0.02V (for the z-piezo) and set the OT Control software to position ramp with starting position of 35MHz and final position of 39MHz with the laser at 2.5V power (not full power).There is also a KG filter in that eliminates most of the laser light.
Starting positionFinal position
Mouse over images for brief description.

Here is a picture of what the bead looks like. When I get the DOG data uploaded, there will be a hump in the signal when the bead is in the focus of the trap and I think the shape has to do with that.Look at the center bead, that is the one I scanned: